Thursday, September 27, 2012


We have had a few firsts this week: 
Molly is participating in her first trike-a-thon Oct 12 so we have actually been working on riding around the circle.
Riley had her first fort named after her!  After bible study on Tuesday we had a picnic lunch with some friends and the kids played for over 2 hours and with all the pine straw the big kids decided to make a fort to contain the mover and shaker.  They named it Camp Riley and showed me the cubby they made, toys (pine cones and sticks) and high walls.  She loved playing in there - who would have thought!
Kelly ate her first round of cereal - after a week of waking up every 2 hours at night instead of sleeping through the night like she used to I had to do something.  This however is not considered her first real food - she won't be eating anything with taste until after she has had cotton candy like her sisters!  Molly's first taste of food was cotton candy at the AK state fair, Riley's was at an Astro's game last year in TX and Kelly will not be left out of the tradition.  Now to find a place worthy of buying cotton candy for her first taste of the good stuff!!
I needed a break after a few laps, Molly is inspecting my tires.
Kelly and Riley love being in the trailer

Camp Riley with 2 feet of pinestraw for walls

FEED ME! She loves food.

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