Friday, September 14, 2012

The Battle of the Millennium

After many weeks without a date and a few nights where we alternated having things we decided it was time for some fun as a couple.  I asked Jon on Wednesday if we could play a game, any game Thursday night instead of our normal rut of talking about our day and then watching an episode of either Top Gear or Burn Notice before going to bed.  He agreed but little did I know that a simple game would be turned into the Battle of the Millennium by the next morning.  As I sat in PWOC getting ready to pray with my group I received a call from Jon - which never happens - so I thought it was something important.  He was calling to talk smack and ask if I had read him game list for the night - after gently letting him go I could not wait for the meeting to be over so I could see the rules for the night.   Our games where - with the names he gave them (winner):
Spoon me up some Egg - obstacle course with an egg on a spoon (ASHLEY)
Croquet Horseshoe - using a croquet ball who could get closet to the stake (JON)
Target Practice - water balloons and the pool in the middle of the street (JON)
Sudanese Taxi Ride - a short ride around the block (ASHLEY)
Who Wants to be a winner?  - bible trivia book (ASHLEY)
So you think you can dance? - X-box highest score wins in Dance Revolution (JON)
Farkle - first to 10,000 (ASHLEY)
Monopoly Deal - first with 3 properties (JON)
Carcasonne - highest score (JON)
As you can tell the first 4 games were made up by Jon and the girls got to participate with us.  A few neighbor kids were curious so we let them in on the fun too.  Eggs and kids don't mix!!  After baths were completed a kids put to bed we continued the game night with the final 5 games. We were tied at the half but I was sure I would be able to take Jon in the final 3 games because I never lose them but last night was not my night.  I take pleasure in knowing I beat him in a foot race (with eggs) and in the bike race though. 
Spoon Me Up Some Egg

This is about where Molly lost her egg

They decided to just hold the cracked eggs in their hands and finish the course.
Had to hurry and wash hand for the thumb sucker in the family!!

Croquet Horseshoe

Target Practice

Sudanese Taxi Ride

Last few minutes of fun in the obstacle course before bedtime

Watch out some awesome dance moves

Seriously I scored 1/4 of Jon's score - I didn't think I was that bad
The card games and trivia were not as exciting to get pictures of - sorry just imagine us sitting around playing games and me getting frustrated as I saw victory slip through my fingers!

I am so thankful for a husband who takes my simple idea of a game night and turns it into a family affair that ends as an awesome date for us and is FUN!!


Jodi Billquist said...

So I want to know what the prize or consequence was...

Kim Houff said...

Ditto to Jodi's comment!