Monday, September 3, 2012

Different ways of crying

Who would have thought there would be so many different ways to cry and the responses are just as varied.  Between the three girls I witness at least 5 every day.
Molly gets upset when people touch her lipstick which brings different tears from when she just loses her lipstick.  The thought of not getting a piece of gum is more of a whimper but can bring hysterics when not allowed to buy a pack in the store.  I think the best part about her is she cries more over accessories in life than the 5,000 bumps and bruises she gets on a monthly basis.  The first day of preschool she fell coming out to the car and skinned up her knee but got back up and kept running with no tears, all the teachers were surprised but it made me just a little happy since we have been working on controlling our emotions.  Molly is by far the most sensitive in the family and wants to make sure everyone is taken care of.
Riley on the other hand usually only cries when told to get off Kelly, standing at her chair wanting someone to give her food and of course when Molly tries to get back the lipstick that Riley has stolen just to make her sister mad.  Riley's sad face is a lowered lip and can be changed into a smile with a quick hug or piece food.   Riley unlike Molly is a little less sensitive and more apt to laugh at you when you are in distress. 
Kelly well she will cry for anything and everything especially if she thinks it involves getting in her carseat for a trip.  Tears are brought about when Riley bites her, which happens more than I ever thought was possible.  She also cries when the girls come at her in tag team style to "love" on her.  Just like her sisters though all it takes is a hug and a smile and then the cries stop and giggling starts right up. 

Love these girls and all the emotions that come along with them but we really are going to work on controlling our emotions because well otherwise in a few years Jon and I might just go crazy!!


the sealey family said...

beautiful pic!

i think kelly looks more newbornish than kaleb and she is 2 months older! he probably outweighs her too! :)

Mandy said...

Love the picture of you beautiful ladies! We can relate to the different personalities, we shall see what the next one holds! My grandmother says each is so different and well I am not sure it can get much different than our first tow - lol. Tell you Mom (and Dad :) ) also I love the family pic on the beach, she has one proud legacy!