Monday, September 10, 2012

Best thing that happened to dinner time

Post it notes!!
That is right a post it note is the best thing that has happened to my dinner time in forever.  Once a week I sit down look at what we have in the fridge and think of what I would like to cook and write up our "menu" for the next few days for my next shopping trip.  I see all the awesome dinner menu plans written on calendars and cool boards and always want to try that but then remember I am dealing with me and I hate the regimented feel of having to eat a certain meal on a given night.  So that is where the post it comes in I write down a few things and can pick and choose in the morning what I want to get out to defrost of know how much time I need to allot at naptime for dinner prep.   I am not a chef so most of meals take less than 30 minutes prep and cooking time.  Also, I have 3 active little girls  who are either crying, trying to help me or wanting to play outside while they wait for daddy to come home and eat. 
Post it note on the fridge

Outside - where we are normally most afternoons
This is were you can find us most afternoons after naptime - playing in the street or yard.  I love that the girls play outside and that many of our neighbors join us many days.  Now to get back to dinner prep - oh wait it is done just waiting for Jon!!

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Tressa said...

I just LOVE your blog and your sweet family!! Congrats! Sure wish y'all lived closer- you'd have babysitters!