Saturday, September 1, 2012

9 states in 4 weeks

It has been quite a world wind trip these past few weeks.  Kelly has officially spent 1/3 of her life on the road and visited 9 of the 50 states.  The girls and I took a road trip with the McPherson's and it was a blast.  It is so nice to have in-laws that will take the girls and I even without Jon.  We flew from DC to Chicago spent the night at Aunt Linda's and hit the road to drive to Iowa.  Kelly by the way HATES car rides she screamed 2 1/2 hours non-stop even with NeNe loving on her and talking to her.  We were in Iowa for Jon's cousin Carol who was getting married.  The girls loved seeing all the family, dancing and hanging out.  Anne Marie - since I know you are reading this Molly and Riley say hiya!!  We loved getting to stay with you all and play with Lauren and her mom Lisa's horse!!
After our Chicago trip we went over to my parents and took a flight to FL to have a mini family reunion with my brothers and their families.  We went beach, had tea parties, played games, swam, golfed and in general partied with all 17 of us!!
I would never have been able to take these trips without great support from family since Jon wasn't able to go with us.  Papa and BertBurt got to be Molly's buddy while Nene and Granny couldn't have torn Riley away if they tried and Kelly was my buddy during our travels - thank you grandparents for you love and patience with me and girls while we were with you each!!
Molly started preschool and Riley got to join for one day for mother's day out.  More posts coming with details but I think this is long enough for now!
Aunt Linda's playground

Riley's first flight

Kelly's first flight

Aunt Lisa actually has a horse at her house
No need for a girl to wish for a pony there!

No good shots because Molly couldn't stop moving to the music!
Thanks Aunt Jenn and NeNe for helping

Going to the chapel and watch a wedding

Celebrating my birthday with the my monkeys

Family dinner!

Granny with the girls

Tea parties during rain storms

she was under par
Granny and BertBurt white
Brian and Paige in blue
Brad and Meredith in red
Me and the girls yellow
The Head family reunion in FL

Family bike ride at the beach during Jon's strong bond retreat
Kelly is in a sling on my shoulder - don't worry she is there

Helping Jon prepare for his retreat with single soldiers

Molly's first day of school was rough on everyone

Love that smile

First day of preschool

Kelly has not figured out she is allowed to actually swallow
there is a lot of drool!!

PWOC kickoff
over 200 ladies and 160 kids
love being apart of an amazing group of ladies who love JESUS!

not sure how but Kelly has managed to survive 3 months with
these two sisters who want to love on her

Riley's first day of the mom's program

By the way did I mention Kelly HATES car rides I think she screamed at least 40 hours during our travels.  She stops the second you take her out of her car seat and then starts smiling at you like nothing was bothering her at all.  I love that girl but am glad we didn't have to a trip across America in the car with her.

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