Thursday, September 20, 2012

All About Molly - Preschool Open House

This past week Molly's preschool had open house.  For open house we got to meet her teacher, learn about an upcoming trike-a-thon and eat pizza.  Molly was so excited to have us all coming to her school that she could not walk only jump along.  When jumping into school Molly pointed out where she waits for me in line at the end of the day and how she opens the door to walk to class. Walking into class Molly had an all about Molly book.  Ms. Jodi her teacher helped her demonstrate how she sits and works on her morning activity, circle time and getting her job for the day.  Afterwards we learned about all the fun after school activities she could do like Spanish club and music club.  The school had a pizza dinner fundraiser - I think Molly and Riley loved getting to eat in school.
What I learned about my child from her book about her:
(the underlined part is what she wrote as her answer)
My name is Molly
I have brown hair
I have brown eyes
My favorite color is purple
My favorite toy is foam (which she translated to me as hand sanitizer)
My best fried is my baby sisters
I don't like when mommy spanks me (my thought is what about daddy??)
She has 11 fingers on each hand
She has lots of them toes on each foot
My birthday is on Friday
Welcome to Reilly Road Presbyterian Christian Church Preschool

Molly sitting on her honeycomb

Pizza and capri-sun at school!

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