Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Naptime Confessionals

Naptime is one of my favorite times of the day.  Rarely are all 3 girls sleeping so I get a little bit of one on one time with someone until I coax them that sleep really is much more fun than hanging out with me. 
Last night as I was hanging out with Kelly at 3am feeding her and explaining to her the merits of sleeping until at least 6am I heard some noises coming from the other room.  Kelly and I listened carefully and realized it was Scout - Riley's dog and he was singing and talking and well being played with by one silly little girl.  I have always thought Riley had some tendencies from my family like sleeping anywhere at anytime and I am beginning to realize that she is able to do that because sometimes early in the morning she is up playing and waiting to be released from her room.  So many she is more like Jon and is a light sleeper and hears Kelly but knows she is not allowed to get up so she might as well play with Scout her only nighttime companion.  Whatever the case I love that when you catch her all you have to say is put your thumb in your mouth and close your eyes and she starts her nap!!  She is the easiest to get a nap from but that could be the lack of sleep.
Molly, well her nap times consist of counting lipsticks and hand sanitizers instead of sheep to fall asleep.  If she didn't look like Jon and I and would seriously wonder she got traded at birth.  God could not have given me a more girly girl but I am hoping by letting her earn lipsticks and sanitizers now she will grow out of this stage soon - one can only hope and pray.
Finally Kelly - I don't think she naps as much stays quiet in her bed so that her sisters forget about her and don't attack.  She is one smart girl because any peep coming out of her makes the hounds go crazy and bark up the tree - whoops I mean sisters come to the crib wanting to make things better. 
When I take naps it is usually just to not have to clean up or do any more cooking and it is really the only way to be quiet. 
Well with one crying, one standing on  a chair and another screaming CHEESE I guess I better go encourage them all to rest so that they can be ready to attack daddy when he gets home!

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