Saturday, September 8, 2012

This time last year

Hard to believe this time last year Molly was in the midst of potty training, Riley was starting to sit up and I had found out I was pregnant.  Now Molly is going to the bathroom without being asked and sometimes even holds it if I need her to, Riley is running and climbing on the toilet (but I refuse to entertain the thoughts of potty training an 18mth) and has a personality, and Kelly smiles when she is not crying or spitting up. 
As Jon and I have been discussing the future it amazes me to think of how fast our three girls really will grow up. 
While on our ATS outreach 9 years ago Jon felt God call him to the Army chaplaincy - lets just say it took me a little longer but I am so thankful that Jon did not give into my whining and anger at the time.  I thought we would be missionaries with AMI and I had my mind set on that - nothing else.  God had different plans - the Army.  It took 3 years of seminary, a few marriage counseling sessions and summers apart but once we got in I couldn't see us doing anything else.  The Army is a great place to share the gospel and show the love of God.  While serving their country families are told to move all over the world, some having never left their state before joining and they find themselves in an unfamiliar land with no extended family or friends.  Throw in the fact that soldiers are constantly training or leaving for deployments and that leaves some frazzled wives and kids.  And that is where I get to see God move through coffee groups, FRG and PWOC.  Yes those are lots of acronyms but basically the Army has support groups set up and I get to interact with tons of ladies and their kids.  I have the chance to point them to God when they think life is hard and they can't handle all the pressures of life.  I get to hear them out and know how to pray for them.  I get to be in community with these ladies - not quite what I thought life would look like 9 years ago but so much better. 
It will be amazing to see where God has us in 9 years.


Natalie Ward said...

Great Post

Mandy said...

glad to know I am not the only one shocked as I look back on the last year! and I am so glad God placed you guys in the Army to love on His people, you two are an amazing team!