Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Kelly has finally got enough neck strength to hold her neck up so at the park today I let her swing.  I love being outside and today was a perfect day for a picnic lunch so as I headed out the door to get Molly from preschool I grabbed a few lunchables from the fridge.  Maybe one day I will be the mom that can get a lunch packed and prepared and be ready to go but for now who can be 75 cents for the meal?  And the girls think it is such a treat that they do a happy dance when they get a lunchable.  The big two played for awhile and the they wanted to swing so I thought I would see how Kelly did so I could get them in and push them and she LOVED it.  She even threw herself backward and forward to swing herself and giggled and laughed with the big ones.  We swung for 20 minutes and I think everyone got their fill!!

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