Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hubbs Corn Maze

Since moving to NC we found an awesome corn maze not to far from us.  Each year we have gone and loved our time getting lost in the maze, eating way too much sugar and having some fun family bonding.  The barrel ride is always a favorite - having a grandpa drive kids around on his riding lawn mower pulling barrels is funny to watch.  Molly and Riley did not enjoy the pillow jump but they did like the slide.  Kelly got to eat her first food - COTTON CANDY!! All three girls have had it as their first food but let me tell you that Kelly was not fond of going back to regular food after that experience.  It was a fight to get her to eat cereal or milk and I think we are in for a long road now. 

Our corn maze is now sorghum which makes it harder to cheat since it grows so tall and they don't plant it in rows.  We went with our friends the Ruff's and it was fun to see the difference between 2 boys and 3 girls - let me just say less whining and more running:)  Can't wait until next year but don't worry there will be no more McP additions coming with us this time!!

McP tradition.
Maybe not next year since we seem to bring 1 more kid each year
First real food - blue cotton candy

She really liked it - trying to make her eat cereal tonight was rough

Loving the slide

Molly learning how to line dance from the professionals
The barrel ride - She loved it

Molly and her friend Aidan driving

Riley needed her daddy

Preparing for the corn maze
Mirror Maze

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