Sunday, October 7, 2012

5-73 Cav Ball

Jon's unit held a ball this past week and we got all dressed up to go.  He is in a Calvary unit so they wear Stetson's which only look a little funny on a non cowboy but I think he pulled it off well.  Also he has participated in what is called a spur ride where you go to the woods for a few days and others in your unit "smoke you" as Jon told me.  So along with a cowboy hat he wore spurs with his formal.  I met my prince charming at the ball since he had to take care of some things ahead of time.  I rode with another friend since both our husbands had responsibilities and neither of us really wanted to drive to the ball all dressed up by ourselves.  Erica a good friend was able to babysit the girls and brought Cinderella so that they could see a ball while mommy and daddy were at one.  I asked Erica to come 30 minutes early to give me time to get ready - do my hair and makeup without the help of my favorite 3 girls!  The best part of the night was putting on my dress only to notice a small hole where the seam had come apart - praise Jesus for stitch witch!! I took it off grabbed the iron and melted my dress together for the night:)  I was so glad to have a friend lend me shoes for the night so I didn't have to go barefoot- and unlike my last formal I didn't even go to Kohl's to do my makeup. 

Meeting Prince Charming at the Ball

Jon needed a haircut for the ball and Kelly wanted to hide.

Hard to leave these three.
Had Erica come early so I could get ready without their help!!

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