Thursday, January 2, 2014

NeNe and PaPa -Christmas Eve and Day

The second and third days Nene and PaPa were here we did lots of things near the house.  When the girls woke up the plan was to take them to school but everyone wanted to stay near the grandparents so we skipped school and went to lunch at a local sushi place.  That afternoon we had pedicures planned for the big girls and the guys and Kelly were going to hit the local hardware store.  After a fun afternoon we rushed to get things ready for a dessert party to follow the Christmas Eve service.  Jon let early to take a few of the desserts to some of his soldiers who are in the barracks and we met him at chapel.  After the service we had a bunch of families over to have a happy birthday party for Jesus.  We had tons of desserts, sang happy birthday and popped our poppers.  Once all the kids were sugar loaded we let them go in to a deep sleep until the morning.
Christmas day dawned and the girls slept until 8am!!  They got to open their stockings and loved all the small treats.  Kelly loved her first present so much she had a hard time moving on luckily her sisters were willing to sacrifice and open the others for her.  Kelly really never moved past her tic tacs - they were a shaker and treat all in one!  Molly loved opening presents and everything she got excited her.  She got lots of Dr stuff since she loved Doc McStuffins.  Riley also loved opening things but was super excited to open some movies since she asks to watch one everyday.  Since we t was a fun way to celebrate Christmas and we all slept well that night!
We got to celebrate Christmas again the next day since some of our packages didn't make it before Christmas day.
Riley and PaPa enjoying sushi

Kelly trying to get everyone's food

Girl time

Painted toes.
Piglet for Molly, Snowflakes for Nene, Hello Kitty snowman for Riley and snowman for me

candlelight service

Loved the entryway

Dessert party!


Poppers after singing Happy Birthday Jesus

Christmas PJ's for everyone



Look at what I got!

Love the radio flyer saucer

Okinawa World

Playing at lunch time!

Exploring the Cave

Bats of a kind

Playing with a glass blowing chair

I will hold onto him as long as possible

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