Monday, January 27, 2014

Cherry Blosson Festival

This weekend we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Nago.  It had a TON of vendors selling all kinds of interesting Japanese things and awesome food!! Molly got to drive an underwater sub type thing.  It is nice that some things can be translated even when we can't speak the language.  Her favorite part of the festival was getting to buy a giraffe with money she has earned.  We are still working on convincing her that being in nature is a lot more fun than shopping but she is a hard sell on that.  Luckily for us we had a friend along who told us growing up she wasn't a big outdoors person and fought her family on it but loves it now - so there is hope!!  We climbed about 600 stairs to see the castle ruins and then farther up to see some more of the trees.  It was beautiful and I learned that the trees are called sakura trees as I was asking about how far the playground was from where we were.  To end the day we ate some ice cream at Blue Seal!
Tay driving the sub

Molly waiting her turn

Happy to spend her money

Sakura Tree - Cherry Blossom

Riley loves to adventure on her own!
She climbed a lot of the stairs until our friend carried her

Loving walking up the stairs surrounded by the blossoms

Pretty amazing

On he way down after walking over 2 miles

Boys playing with guys and girls climbing trees to supervise!

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