Thursday, January 2, 2014

Celebrating - why not?

The past few nights I haven't been too big into cooking dinner since we have so many dips.  Jon the master of making things awesome decided that we should have a candlelight dinner movie theater.  As he was about to bring our kitchen table into the living room I was able to convince him to use one of our plastic tables that fold up - since I am a little less fun and more practical.  We pulled out our fancy 4th of July tablecloth,  candles that have been lighting up our windows and sparkling cider.  Jon required everyone to dress up and even threw on a tie himself.  We enjoyed the movie and dinner of popcorn and corn dogs with sparkling cider.
Yesterday we watched the Baylor game with some fellow Bears.  We had tons of dips and everyone munched the day away watching the game live.  It was a sad game since we lost but at least we were able to watch with friends and eat some awesome food.
Dinner and Movie.
Notice the sparkling cider lover holding her cup out ready for a lot.

chocolate croissants - not a good breakfast idea

Sic Em Bears!!

Sic Em - in our Baylor line Jerseys.
Some peoples might have been 10 years older than others:)

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