Thursday, January 2, 2014

NeNe and PaPa last few days

We pushed through the last few days and went to Shuri Castle, a lighthouse and a few parks.  Some things that are great about living here is they make everything exciting for kids - even castles.  At the information desks they have these maps that you get stamped at stations located all over the grounds.  It gives you an incentive to see the entire palace area and not just certain areas. When we got to the kings thrown Molly kept asking if that is where King Jesus lives.  Trying to explain that Jesus wasn't the king of this palace was not going to stick so we just started saying yes after she asked about 10 times and didn't like our answers.  After collecting all our stamps we turned in our maps to get a prize - a sheet of stickers!
The next day we went to Cape Zanpa and walked around a lighthouse, went to a ship playground and  to a castle Jon runs to during PT. 
For the final day here is finally cleared up and was the normal temps for around here.  We went to a roller slide for some fun times and walked around, got ice cream and enjoyed our last full day we our visitors.  When dropping off the grandparents there were lots of tears but we made it.  The girls enjoyed their first visitors and I think we took them to all the major points in a few short days.  They can't wait for the next round!
Shuri Castle
Papa helping with the stamping. 
Nene and Molly walked to the bottom for a stamp.
They are the small blob in front of the stairs

Princess Kelly

Eating on our knees

View from the lighthouse

Daddy I want to climb the rocks!

Playing on the boat looking at the large shsha dog

a dog seesaw

Fastest roller slide ever!!

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