Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Eve Party

For New Years we went to a friends house to party in the new year.  We dressed the girls in their PJ's so when the crashed we could take them home and they would be ready for bed.  Little did we know that our girls were fighters and refused to sleep - they partied until 1am and then woke up at 8am the next day.  We played hide and seek in the dark.  Our girls didn't understand the concept of being stealthy so they would yell I am hiding in the bathroom which would then give away our location but they had fun.  Some of the kids were pretty amazing and hard to find.  We had a snow ball fight that I found on pinterst - it was with jumbo marshmallows since we don't have snow.  The kids loved it but I think the parents had a little more fun:)  During the night we played games, ate tons of dip and at midnight popped our poppers and played a little more until we were all exhausted.   It was a fun way to celebrate 2014!
Eating a dinner of dips

Kid tables are the best

Tea party with the dads

Noise making balloons

bounce house!

Is there something in my hair??

Getting ready for the snowball fight
Yum that snow tastes great

We are not tired:)
Sparkling cider to start 2014

This is so fun!

Kelly chugged it and walked around begging for more!

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Allison said...

You all are so fun! I need to be neighbors with you one day.