Monday, January 6, 2014

Hide and Seek

New Year's Eve we played hide and seek with some friends who have an older boy.  He chose some awesome hiding places and gave our daughters some ideas they had never thought of.  Tonight we played hide and seek.  On one round Molly pulled the stool up and hid on top of the washer.  Well it didn't stop there and the next round she decided to hide in the washer.  All fun and games until she realized her head was stuck.  She started to scream and Jon and I came running.  It was so hard to get her out - but that was because Jon and I couldn't stop laughing.  She was so funny telling us to call fireman Sam because he would rescue her.  While Molly was screaming at us her sisters were crying and screaming.  While pulling her out she was screaming my purse, my purse.  I tried to tell her not to worry about her purse until I realized it was tangled around her arms and head and was really hurting her.  After getting the purse untangled we managed to pull her out by her legs. 
We said no more washer for the game - next round we found her in the dryer.  Ahh funny girl.  Fun times.
Attempt one - head stuck on the drum

Call Fireman Sam!!
But we have better than him - Daddy.

Hey guys she is in here

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