Thursday, January 2, 2014

NeNe and PaPa North Part of the Island

Days 4 and 5 we hit the north part of the island.  We got a hotel room at Okuma which is a military resort with lots of fun things to do.  It was pretty dreary, rainy and cold (relatively speaking) so we did a few things but hung out in the hotel a lot.  Lucky for us the girls really wanted to be in the room not because of weather but because something about a hotel excites them!  We rode bikes, played games and watched Jon and his dad huddle over a charcoal fire in the rain to cook our dinner.  The next day we went to the aquarium which was great minus the outside dolphin show where the ball flew off the dolphins nose because of the wind and we got a little wind blown.  After that we took Jon's parents to one of our favorite places - Pizza in the Sky!!  We sat outside next to a heater and pots filled with hot bricks to keep our toes warm.  After a super busy few days everyone crashed once we got home.
Bike ride at Okuma

She gave up on the beach and decided to join everyone else


Right before she got blown over

The start of dinner before it started to rain.
Kelly's pants were soaked from falling in the water

Such good supervisors



Fun times

Showing everyone the sharks teeth

Cold but still watching the show

an exhibit about tribal boats

Pizza in the Sky!  Pizza and Salad with chopsticks:)

Nene and Papa

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