Saturday, January 11, 2014

Date nights and Parks

This week Jon and I were able to go on a few dates and we took the girls to a few parks.  For one date we went to Round 1 an amazing 8 story Dave and Buster type place.  It had tons of games, basketball courts, soccer fields, batting cages, roller skating, mini scooter bikes, ping pong, a relaxation room with massage chairs, a huge kiddie play area and arcade games - oh and of course karaoke rooms!  Jon and I enjoyed a night of friendly completion and we each won a few of the activities so we could rub it in each others face throughout the week.  It was so fun and we will probably take the girls at least once.  Another night we also got to have dinner and a movie  - we watched The Strange Life of Walter Mitty.  This movie was clean, funny and had us laughing and talking about how creative it was. 
When we were not out of dates we were having fun as a family.  We have made some great friends here and they show us the fun parks they find.  The girls and I went with some friends one day to Ewok park.  It was called this because it is like you are in a tree village - just needed a little fur on us.  Another day we went to an awesome park with a roller slide.  Too bad I went a little crazy and the slide and didn't stop fast enough and now Kelly has a fractured knee.  We are supposed to keep her from walking for a week and with the help of her split/cast that should be fun!
Sister who like to dress alike

Round 1 - so much fun

beating up the kick box machine - too bad we can't count in Japanese

Roller blading around the rink

The elevator for all 8 floors

Matching shoes

Ewok park

They loved the bridge


More swining

A fun sesaw type thing

JOTO = awesome and it truly was

Park buddies eating with us

Kelly sat still - found out why after a visit to the ER

Nurse Abby checked it out and recommend the ER

Fractured Knee - oh boy

What a good patient

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Mandy said...

I love how much they value kids there, so many great parks! So sorry Kelly!!! We are praying for you all