Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 1 with NeNe and PaPa

Nene and PaPa made it in late at night.  The day before we told the girls we would be getting them in the morning and when they woke up we surprised them by having them go into the room Nene and PaPa were in.  They were so excited!  Since the were getting over jet lag we tried to do things around the house and make it so everyone could nap if they needed to.  We started the day getting my little ponies the girls had asked for followed by playing at the park behind the house.  Then we ventured out to the egg place/ mini zoo to get some cream puffs and eggs for  the visit.  We saw all the animals and the girls loved showing them off and sharing cream puffs.  After that we came home for naps and then decided to try the ferris wheel so we packed back up and rode it.  The ferris wheel is right next to the beach so we spent some time playing in the sand and water.  People were starving so we packed back up came home for dinner and then went for out for our big event - the ZOO with lights.  They had snow, light shows, laser shows and tons of lights and it was packed so we rode a bus from one of the shuttle stops.   Molly was excited about the snow and it was so fun to watch her play in it and laugh and have fun.  They others were not as excited about it but they loved the lights and other attractions.  After crashing we decided to let the girls skip school today since we have pedicures this afternoon followed by Christmas Eve service and a dessert party at our house all today!!
Surrounding NeNe

Showing her our favorite place to take photos at the egg place

Got a special spot with Nene and Papa

Jon and I got to ride alone

She loves spelling her name

Molly even spells her sisters name for her photo

PaPa and Daddy were so excited to have a fun filled day

I love the bus

I will not leave her side

Waiting for the snow to drop

trying to get into the light display

Cotton Candy and lights!!

A little slap happy at 8:30 after a day of fun and a huge bag of cotton candy


Got to go down in the sled

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