Sunday, December 15, 2013

Its beginning to look a lot like.....

Our chapel had our children's Christmas program last week.  Friday night all the kids got to come for a pizza party where we practiced our songs and prepared for Sunday.  Sunday came and the kids did amazing!  Jon got to preach and his title was Going All In For Christmas.  He preached about how the wise men went all in and traveled long and far to meet Jesus and what are we doing to sacrifice as we live for Jesus during this season. 
We have taken some time just to do fun stuff as a family a few nights.  One night was making paintings and they girls got so excited when we allowed them to paint each others tummies to end the time.  While the season is a busy one we have tried to carve out a few special things with the girls.
This weekend Jon got to run a Strong Bond event for his unit and we had 22 couples come for a fun filled weekend of laughing and learning.  Jon taught the Flag Page by Mark Gungor and if you have never heard of it I highly recommend it.  It was the first I had been in a class with it and it was very helpful in understanding why your spouse (and others) do certain things and why I react certain ways.  Mark is famous for his Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage curriculum that Jon has used a few times - since I get to go to all his retreats it is nice for him to use new material!!  Since we were already on the north end of the island and we have year long memberships to a place called neo park we went on up.  When you walk in the park they have birds galore that you can feed and they get very close - a little too close for comfort sometimes.  We walked threw the park and saw the lamas, kangaroos, dogs (yep dogs), donkeys, monkey and ostrich.  The best was when Jon told the girls of a story from when he was a boy and went to Arbuckle Wilderness with his grandparents.  This was a drive thru zoo and an ostrich stuck his head in the car and wouldn't get out.  Well when Jon got to close to the ostrich the girls all started to cry and scream get back.  They were so funny but after a story like that can you blame them?

Going all in to preach!

Family paint time

Look at my tummy

Can I paint my own tummy?

Playing outside while all our friends tell us of snow
I miss snow!

The hotel brought in a clown to entertain kids during the strong bond training

Highly recommend this!!

Already holding Riley who was screaming
Kelly wanted the birds to eat out of her hand

Molly help me convince daddy this is too close

It my size!!  Must touch must touch.  AHH run away
That is how it played out during this picture

Rode the train around the park

This is awesome!!

But Thomas was a close  second (and only 1/10 of the price)

Riley's hair after it was twisted all day

Had a visitor share the story of Christmas with the chapel kids
Jon dressed up for the kids to tell the story

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