Monday, December 16, 2013

Festival of Lights

Tonight was a little dreary but we packed up the van with rain jackets and hit the Southeast Botanical Gardens for its festival of lights.  Since it isn't cold we figured we could handle the light rain and it was like Jon had rented the place just for our family (an idea one of his soldiers gave him).  We enjoyed the lights, rain and fun activities - much more than walk thru place we went to near Fayetteville in our PJ's thinking it was a drive thru.  One thing I really enjoy about this culture is that they don't make young kids pay usually and that was true here all 3 girls were FREE!!  They did give us eat a glow stick to wear so that staff would know we had paid to come in and the staff even let the girls have some.  Also the staff gave us umbrellas to borrow while we walked around - and one followed us to the nice picture taking area and took a family photo.  We got to write our wish list to santa and hang it on the tree.  Molly has gotten very good at writing and spelled out exactly what she wanted.  She remembers Santa gave her gum last year in her stocking and is super excited about what she might get this year.  Even though we try to tell her we might get her the gift she wants she is more excited that Santa might get it for her. 
After hanging our postcards on the tree we went over peace bridge to the love switch.  There you were supposed to hold down the buttons while holding the hand of your loved one and see what would happen to the tree.  It turned pink, lots of lights blinked and the girls loved it!  Then we walked to the love something else where you could pay to put a locket on to show how much you loved someone but we just took pictures.  Molly is catching on and said mom are we too cheap to pay for the locket and Jon's response was yes we don't need a locket to show our love for each other. 
Then we wandered around the gardens and had another funny moment when we found a large cricket that jumped on Molly and gave us a big laugh.  To end the night we went Christmas caroling to some friends houses.  Jon and I remember getting to go as youth to houses around our church with the youth group and sing to some of the older members.   Some girls enjoyed the singing more than others but they all enjoyed the candy that friends shared!
2 of them are loving the camera!

Family shot

During the day kids paint the cow
At night they have black lights to show off the work
Reminded us of the Wacows!

Writing to Santa

Never to be out done by others

Hanging our cards

Love switch - ACTIVATE!

yep - it was that magical

Love lock place
Kissy kissy

Me to dad

Not to be left out - Molly is a good photographer

double love
Riley didn't want to give up her seat in the stroller

Water fall of light

Standing under the water

Cricket before it jumped on Molly

Good bye fun night!

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