Friday, December 6, 2013

Santa, Tinsel and a Ball

This weekend has been busy for our family.
On Thursday we had our first Ball in his new unit.  I got to practice hairstyles on Molly during the week which she thought was fun and it saved me on the night of.  The ball was really fun - every unit does things just a little different but there are some things that stay the same.  We had a lady sing the Japanese anthem before our National Anthem, they sang the green beret song and even the toasts had a few twists.  It was fun to see ladies that I do bible study, workouts and play dates with all dressed up.
Today was our units Breakfast with Santa followed by Tinsel Town (the kickettes, dancers and singers) followed by Christmas Tree light up.  So we dressed up this morning to go chow down on some pancakes and do all the fun activities for the day.  Molly was super excited to see Santa, Riley did not want to be near him at all and Kelly was fine with him until he got close and she just cried. 
At Tinsel Town they asked for volunteers to be on stage and Molly really wanted to be one.  The lady walked by her and Molly got bummed so I told her make yourself noticed if you really want to go.  Molly got up stood in the aisle and raised both hands and guess what - the dancer couldn't pass her by and brought her up on stage!!!  I love that she is fearless in things she wants and goes for it.  Riley who is not our attention grabber frowned much of the show and would have hated being on stage but enjoyed watching her sister.  Kelly loved the music and clapped and smiled during the entire performance.
As we walked out they had things set up for the Christmas Tree lighting so the girls got to play in bounce houses, do some more crafts, and eat some more candy.  Now they are resting up so that we have the energy to watch the tree lighting tonight.

Getting read to see Santa

Pancakes at their level- they felt so special!!

Some didn't get the games as well as others

Not so sure about that man!

He gave them books and won them over!
Too bad Molly noticed we had 2 of the books since we had to bring our own wrapped books and I forgot to get some new ones so I just wrapped some off our bookshelf.

Guess who loves all things with singers and dancers!

She made it on stage

Love watching sister but wouldn't want to be up there

Got a photo with the crew

1-1 Ball

Bible study ladies

Amy had to kneel since she is so much taller than me

Play date friends!

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