Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Today was a great memorial day!! I have been wanting to geocache but not sure how to do that with a small child - so today on the way to a bar-b-que at Ashley's I asked Tina if we cold take a scenic detour and do a cache on the way. She agreed so we did Pink Panther - a cache Alicia had done earlier this week. It was a nice short walk from the car to the site with quite the view. I have included pictures for your viewing pleasure. Then we headed out to Mirror Lake for a cookout hosted by Ashley. It was so much fun - she had a kayak and canoe for us to use along with a slip n' slid. We partied from noon until 10pm and now we are really tired but it was worth it. I can't wait until next year when Jon is here to go to parties like this - I know Brian, Alicia's husband, would have loved another male adult - if not for company at least to share the burden of canoeing 15 kids around the lake.
The view on the way to Pink Panther - that is some inlet in Alaska
Sam (the oldest Lewis child) re hiding the cache - I found it though!!
Me with Pink Panther
This is the view from Ashley's house
Judith and I with William (my friend Valerie's little boy) in the middle. He stayed seated the entire ride but you could tell he really wanted to go in the water a few times.

Wyatt patiently waiting for his mom - the kids were not allowed to take a boat out by themselves they had to have an adult - they just couldn't understand why.
Slid n' Slide competition with the kids
Me, Ashley and Alicia
We could not be out done by the kids so we had our own competition. There was a verbal agreement to go on our knees - Ashley did not comply so she was disqualified (or so I say) so that means I won!! Three competitive ladies on a slip n' slide is pretty funny especially with two that are trying not to get soaked. Ashley just went full body sliding since it was her house she was able to change though.
Molly even got in on the action

She however did not enjoy this ride. No sleeping through this experience. Don't worry she did not go down without adult supervision - and only went once. We went back on the porch where she could supervise and enjoy her self a whole lot more!

It is 11:58 so I am going to bed - Molly is fed and in bed and I think I have officially tired out Dakota after being stuck in the kennel for 10 hours - what a trooper. Tomorrow we will go on a long walk for her!!

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Sarah said...

Wow! The lake is completely different from when you and I walked across it in March!

Molly will learn to like the Slip N' Slide, but it might be a few more years.