Friday, May 22, 2009

Tea Parties and Quilts

This week I have been able to go to 2 Tea Parties. One I was the co-host for and the other I just got to be apart of. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party was with the Women's Bible Study from Chapel. It was based on Alice in Wonderland - it was so much fun. Molly was awake for a part of it but not the whole thing - that is why she is not in the group picture.

The ladies from Chapel
Molly wearing her hat for the tea party.

The second Tea Party I arrived in my t-ball cap and batting glove because I came late due to the Blue Dragons game. I looked a little out of place with nice china set out but they let me stay anyway. I have never been comfortable around breakable things and this was no different - I was sure I was going to break the very nice china with gold silverware (or goldware I guess). I almost did but I recovered and nothing broke. I know if I was at the Sealey's I would have broken something for sure - I always loved going to their house wondering what I was going to destroy next. I broke a pepper shaker, plate, cup and I am sure other things - I guess Lisa can be glad that in Alaska I can't destroy her nice things:) I am just thankful that my clumsiness seemed to have been isolated to their house.

My friend, Gloria, is getting ready to have baby #2 and asked us to make a friendship quilt for her. Terry who is putting it together gave us the instructions that it needs to be primary colors and 9.5x9.5. Let's just say quilting is not my fortee - I can not seem to get a square to measure 9.5 for the life of me. Here are my three attemptsThis one is 11 x11 - I got the template off the Internet and didn't even think to look what size it was going to be until after I finished.
My second try I decided I would just make squares - that should be easy enough - this one is 10.5 x 10.5.
Last but not least my third attempt which was 10 x 10. I modified the Internet one but was still off by 1/2 inch - argh!! Terry said she would work with it though. When it is all done in late June I will take a picture - I am pretty excited to see how she will take squares made by others and make them look like they belong together.

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Mandy said...

I love all the fun tea parties! I am glad there is so much for you to be a part of up there :) I think all your quilt squares are beautiful but I can not imagine having to get things the right size, that is definitely where I go wrong when sewing.