Saturday, May 16, 2009

Combat Race and Blue Dragons

One great thing about the military is that the bases never lack in outdoor activities. This summer they are holding a Combat Challenge Course series. You have to run/walk the 4 courses with your ACU's (military outfit), combat boots and a 35lb rucksack. Some friends and I got a team together and we got a waiver on the ACU and combat boots b/c we would have to go and buy those. Yesterday we had participated in our first of the four part series. It was a 5k trail run around Otter Lake. We woke up to a rainy and cold morning and by 1pm it was still rainy and ugly out but that did not stop us! I put Molly's raincoat on and we drove out and met up with my teammates for a fun adventure. The trail was pretty muddy but was so much fun. Molly and Lars cheered at the start with Tina and then got to go to Tina's home since it was so ugly out. Here are some pictures from the event. Our next event is a 5k up and down a mountain!
Our competition

My team!
Ashley, Harriett, Valerie, Me, Dory, Lars, Melanie and Shawna
The bags on our backs weigh 35lbs. It is pretty funny to see what all you have to put in a bag to get it to that weight. For some it was weights and others is was a trip to the grocery store with canned goods and what not.
Pre-race instructions
Dory and I finishing!!
Brian got 2nd place. He is my co-teacher for Kids church.
His wife, Alicia, is going to do some of the future races with us but she had to pick her kids up from school - so sad! Alicia is the reason I can do kids church because she graciously watches Molly for me each week during church. I just can't put her in with 20 kids from 0-5 years old but one day I will.

T-ball!! We are now officially the Blue Dragons after having a team vote. One look at the Blue Dragons and you will wish you hadn't crossed us. Our first victim found that out the hard way - the Green ??. OK maybe not. In this league you get 6 strikes, the coach pitches and you go through the batting order before an inning is over. Even with all that there were still tears shed at the game. But the kids are learning the fundamentals of baseball and having a good time!

Blue Dragons on the field. This was a rare moment - everyone is standing with their gloves ready. Most of the game I was having to highly encourage one or two kids to get up off the ground, stop throwing dirt, let them know the glove goes on your hand not your head, etc.
Getting ready for the game to start!
Gilligan or the Blue Dragons number one cheerleader? You decide.
I got Molly her first sunhat so she won't get burned at all the softball and t-ball games in the next few months. Not my favorite but it is better than burning Molly.


Bert Burt said...
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Bert Burt said...

Clearly 35 lbs was no challenge for you even in cold, wet conditions. It sounds like carrying the 35 lbs. on a trip up and down the mountain will be more of a challenge. What a fun event especially doing it with so many friends. The Blue Dragons are truly a team to be feared IF everyone does keep their glove on their hand. I am sure they will get better with each game. I loved Molly’s sunhat – better to go for function than for style when avoiding sunburn on that special person!