Monday, May 4, 2009

Beautiful weather!!

We had beautiful weather here in Alaska the past few days so Molly and I took full advantage of it. Friday we had our 5k Fun Run/Walk. It was so nice - I got a little sunburned and Molly's cheeks were definitely much more pink after an hour in the sun. There was a contest for the dirtiest shoes at the 5k - when we had finished and I noticed no one entered their shoes I threw my leg up on the table (I did not take off my shoe I really just threw my leg up on the ballot sheet) and voted for myself and got a few of my friends to vote for me. I tied with another lady in our group we each got 3 votes so they declared a tie and we each won! We got one adult ticket to H2Oasis and indoor water park around here. Who knows when I will go but at least I now have a free admission right?
Saturday we spent the whole day outside. It started out with softball practice at 10am which Molly slept through and then we went with my friend Katherine to play tennis. Let me tell you the internet can be deciving at times. I typed tennis court Anchorage, AK to find some closer than the ones Jon and I played on last summer. The courts I found sounded so nice. Well I took Katherine to the GHETTO! You know it is the ghetto when the tennis court net is a chain link fence! I am not joking it really was a chain link fence. Needless to say we were watching each others backs and Molly who was sitting by the fence (fence around the courts not the net). And that night my neighbor who I share a drive way with was having a bar-b-que which she invited me to so Molly and I were out for that also. Who would have thought you can get sun burned in Alaska but you can! More like Molly could - I just broke out in a rash since my body doesn't always like the sun. The back of my legs and arms looked really cute!! Luckily the hives are gone.
Sunday Molly and I went shopping for a hat for her but I could not find one I liked so I will be out again because I don't want to be the mom that burns her child. We saw a bear on our way to the store right outside our neighborhood. One of the things I am love about Alaska is the random wild life that you run into at the most unsusal place - like bear in my neighborhood.
Tonight I had my first softball game (which was AWFUL!!) I didn't pack a hat and the wind was a little more than I thought it would be so she did get a little wind blown until we covered her up with a blanket. She survived. Why was the game awful you ask - well I was the picther and let's just say it was ugly. The 6-12 foot arch didn't happen like it was supposed to and when it did the ball was not near the plate - oh boy!
I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST THOUGH!! I know you are really wanting the pictures of Molly but one more quick story and then what you really want.
I learned tonight why you put a child in the highchair and not the car seat on the floor. After my game I went to Denny's with some friends and put Molly on the floor. Right before our food was to come out I got Molly out of her car seat so she wouldn't fuss to much and because Tina and Ashley help her get her human touch time in. She likes variety and I am just not enough for the child who loves everyone. Tina and Ashley were taking turns holding her and when our food came out the waitress dropped one of the plates on the floor and it shattered. One large chunk went right where Molly's head would have been in her car seat and a lot of little pieces flew in there also. Let's just say I am thankful that I had pulled her out because that would have been really bad.
Now what you really want pictures!
Molly smiling in the outfit cousin AnneMarie got her
The full view of her German outfit
Some of the ladies I walked with at the 5K
When I was at the Lewis' the other day Mason got a few good pictures of Molly. Isn't she the cutest!!!
She is starting to smile a lot more - it is so fun. I just wish you didn't have to talk like an idiot to get a grin out of her.
I just love overalls and what could be better for a girl than an overall skirt. Since cousin Taryn gave us hers I had to put Molly in them even though they don't fit quite yet and really it was so she could wear the shoes on Sunday - mini converse with lacey laces!

Random video for the grandparents!

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Stephanie, Dave, and Abby said...

I love it!! And I LOVE that you're putting bows in her hair....way to give her the chance to be a little girlie!
Glad you're keeping yourself busy there. With all you're doing the baby weight must be melting off....