Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary and other random things

Today is the day Jon and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. We got to talk twice - yesterday when it was our anniversary in Afghanistan and today when it was our anniversary in Alaska. It was really nice to get to talk to each other since that is all I really wanted this year for our anniversary. I know that Jon did buy something though since I am not allowed to check our bank account until his package arrives. He loves doing surprises but that is a little limited when you are half way around the world in a war zone. I however had it much easier since I was able to get a little bit of cash each time and buy his present with cash. He won't be getting his present until later though because I really enjoy it and am using it right now. He will have it by father's day though. Jon is the most amazing man ever. I am thankful everyday that I am married to him - even though I don't get to see him much this year. He is so funny, caring and fun to be around. I am jealous of the soldiers that are getting to hang out with him while Molly and I are stuck here.

My month long house guest - Dakota.
Yep - the big ferocious dog is hanging with me for a month. She was just playing with Titan in the house. Praise the Lord for Titan - last night Dakota was so tired she zonked out and is still trying to recover from the nonstop chasing of each other. I really enjoy the fact that Dakota helps me make sure to get exercise - I take her on at least one walk a day since my yard is so small just to wear her out a little. I know that when Jun 19th comes I will miss her.

Alaska and it's weird festivals! So we have had Fur Rondy and the Iditarod and I will be going to the Moose Dropping (poop) festival in July but this weekend they had the World Beard Championships. I kid you not men had some outrageous beards and dressed up to show them off. I made the silly decision not to pay $20 to see this but my friend Ashley went and showed me the pictures. From the looks of it - $20 would have been nothing to watch this. They actually had a catwalk for the men to strut down to show off their beards. If you would like to join the USA Beard team just google it. They have over 15 categories.
And last but not least - biking!!!!! My friend Gloria let me borrow her bike trailer and I put Molly in her car seat in the trailer and went for a ride with Ashley. We rode 12 miles on Saturday and it was so fun. The few hills we did encounter were not too bad. Going up with an extra 30 lbs isn't so fun but flying down with the extra weight wasn't so bad. I am going to borrow it a few more times b/c it was so much fun. One day Jon and I will buy our own but those things are more expensive than you would think. I can't wait until he is here next year to do the pulling!!
In the garage before the ride
starting out - her hat is already over her face but never fear - Molly enjoyed the bike ride so much she slept through it.
On the long straight stretch - at least we didn't see any moose or bears maybe another time.

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Ginger said...

So the beard competition explains the "hairy" people at breakfast the other morning,lol. I'm sure Dakota will be sad to leave you in a month. Sounds like yall are having fun...I hope that your not just being nice, lol. Thanks again. We are having a great time here!