Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Me, Molly and my mom
Let me just start with saying I have the best mom in the whole world! She has always been there for me even through those fun years were I told her I hated her for making me a girl - why couldn't I just be a boy like my brothers. She didn't make me pay back two years of college even though I went against the one thing they asked me not to do and got a tattoo. She has dropped everything in her life to come help us move, come for major celebrations and most recently stayed 6 weeks to make sure I was not lonely or going crazy with a newborn when Jon deployed. I know not all moms are able to be that flexible but I am so thankful that she is able and is willing (thanks dad for working so hard so mom can come and work harder). My mom is the most giving person I know - she is always first to volunteer and gives it her all be it time, effort or money if needed. I am thankful for the many years I have had with her and can't wait for the next few decades as I get watch her more and more and become a better person because God gave the most amazing mom to apprentice under. I love you mom.

Now onto Molly and me.
I celebrated my first Mother's Day with Molly today. We had quite the day. It started with a late night were I was afraid that Molly would want to spend every moment of mother's day with me - luckily that only lasted for less than and hour but it was one rough hour! She woke up this morning in all grins. After a brief conversation with Jon and a pre-church nap Molly and I decided to get up and face the world. We went to chapel were all the children gave their mom and other moms in the congregation roses. My friend Alicia's husband Brian took Molly and helped her get my rose. She looked really cute giving it to me. After chapel we had a lunch date at the Bolin's house. It was great fun and crazy entertainment. They have machine gun like nerf guns that shoot 16 bullets in just a few seconds - one for everyone in the family!! I want those! They also have these foam swords that looked like so much fun - at least all the kids had a blast with them. When I got home there was a flower arrangment waiting for me on the deck - it was from Jon and Molly.
Molly and I ended the day with church and an Applebee's dinner that is not sitting too well in my stomach:( Tomorrow we are going to take our belated Mother's Day nap since we don't have to leave the house until 1pm.

Molly and me
The pink flower arrangement from Molly and Jon. I will have to let Molly know for future reference even though I dress her in pink all the time it is not my favorite color - but they are beautiful.

Molly and the rose she gave me at chapel
Molly AKA Pebbles Flinstone
Today was the first day I attempted to put a rubber band in Molly's hair for a ponytail. Since her hair already sticks up in the back I figured I might as well make it look like we wanted it to right??

The ever talented Molly McP!!! She is able to accomplish so much at such a young age - or maybe she is a tad predictable.

We are still working on the blinking but 4 out of 5 isn't too shabby.


Vik said...

Ashley! Molly is so stinkin cute! I love reading your blog and how much fun you are having taking her on so many adventures. You are an awesome mom!

Tressa said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! You two look so beautiful in the pictures. I cannot believe how adorable she is!! I will HAVE to get me some lovin' when your in Waco next- HAVE TO!!!

Mandy said...

Happy Mothers Day to a much deserving Mom! I love the pic of you and Molly in your red, black and white :)

Stephanie, Dave, and Abby said...

She's beautiful. And you're hilarious!