Monday, June 1, 2009

Suprise Wedding

OK - The wedding was not a surprise but Molly and I coming were for Aunt Jenn. Jon's cousin Bill got married this weekend and Molly and I got to go to Iowa for the wedding thanks to Grandma and Grandpa McP. They wanted to surprise Jenn - boy was it a surprise - their flight got delayed because of weather and so we had to hold off Jenn at her friends house for a little while. Jenn was not pleased to keep her friends who have a small child up but once she saw Molly all was forgiven (the friends knew about the surprise so they were ok with it). Here are some pictures and video of the weekend.
I know this is pathetic but this is the only picture of the bride and groom I have - sorry Lisa and Bill - we were really there for you but Corbin and Molly sure to make for good pictures.
Molly and I on 1 of our 4 plane rides. She enjoyed all but number three were I got to be "that mom" luckily it was only a two hour flight and she only cried hysterically for 1/2 of it.

Now for the fun part - pictures of Molly with her extended family.

5 week old Keller (I think that is how you spell his name) Lisa's nephew, 3 month old Molly and 4 month old Corbin
All weekend long when they were next to each other everyone just said what a difference one month makes!

Aunt Jenn right after the surprise!

Aunt Jenn with Molly at the rehearsal dinner. It was a grill out at Bill's parents (Uncle Will and Aunt Karen). It was such nice weather and the the food was great!!!Corbin and Molly - when he wasn't lifting her dress he was trying to hold her hand. As you can see this really effected her sleep (yeah right). They were so cute together
Two proud grandma's!
The McPherson's celebrated their anniversary the night of the rehearsal so they got a cake with candles. They have been married for over 30 years now (I can't remember how many - sorry). Way to go!
Two proud Aunts - Carol with Corbin and Jenn with Molly
Brother and Sister with their grand kids. They took them on a spin around the dance floor at the reception.
Me with Corbin and Liz (his mom) with Molly. Let's just say there is a little bit of a weight difference here and I am thankful I am getting to build up my muscles to carry Molly as she grows. Corbin had a serious growth spurt so Liz didn't get to gradually grow muscles - she just had to get them fast!
A catnap after the wedding and before the reception - she had to be ready to party all night!

With grandma and grandpa before the wedding.

Nick, Cousins Carol and Ann Marie - they were not ready for this picture but how could I resist!
The moose walking down my sidewalk the day before I left - sorry just had to throw this one in for the fun of it.!

Some videos for your viewing pleasure.

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