Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Molly and I got Jon's package off earlier this week and we are pretty sure he is going to love his gift. Mail is a little funny there sometimes he gets things in 5 days other times it takes 30 days but at least he gets the things.
Jon, Molly knows you are a great dad because you let her know you love her, are praying for her and will see her real soon every night. She can't wait until the day you can say it to her face and not have to use the bear with your voice in it to communicate to her. She can't wait to go running with you and play and just have a good old time. She wanted you to see her most recent pictures so she posed nicely for you yesterday! She has at least 3 cowlicks and the hair in the front does not grow down it grows at a sideways angle - thanks dad!

She might be growing out of this one soon - but not yet!

PS - this is what happens when her hair is in a hair tie and bow all day.
We have been told she might be teething so this is Molly with her first teething ring. Not a fan quite yet she would rather just chew on her pacifier, hands or lip.
Who could resist a face like that?
The outfit came with a head thing - it really looked like a 1980's sweat band so it only lasted for a picture or two and 5 minutes of a car ride.

Molly wishing you her own version of love with a little help from our canine friend Dakota.

This is what happens when dads aren't around to control the kids - moms have to taken then down and let them know even if they can wrestle on the high school team - Moms are better.
Tina kept Mason in this hold for awhile - it was pretty funny. He really thought he could take on his mom and win but was sadly mistaken.


Tressa said...

too cute! Molly is growing like crazy! Happy Father's Day Jon!

-joel and Tressa

Tara said...

I don't think she can get any cuter! I just want to tickle her! She is so cute :) I love the watermelon outfit and I laughed out loud with the 80's sweatband comment. Teagan had a few of those that came with an outfit and I just couldn't do it to her ;)

You and Jon have such a sweet blessing! Praying for you guys!