Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

This week we had VBS at chapel. I was in charge of games which for the most part was so much fun. The first three days of the week we had some of the hottest weather ever in Alaska (in the high 70's low 80's) and by Thursday we were lucky if we made out of the 50's. That made for some happy campers during game time! Since Jon isn't around to force us into an early bedtime Molly and I tend to stay out pretty late most nights. The nights are getting longer and longer because darkness never comes. 7 more days until the longest day of the year here - some people around here have midnight bar-b-ques just for the fun. Molly and I will at least get a picture at midnight.

Molly and I at 10pm at the Lewis home. We didn't realize it was that late so we had to get a picture - note darkness is nowhere around and Molly loves it!

This week for VBS I had to wake Molly up every morning. Since we tend to stay out late we normally sleep in - not this week. Molly did take longer naps in the afternoon to counter be forced awake. This was the sight I got most every morning.

Here were some of the kids from game time. This game you had to put on funny shoes and race around the circle. This is the preschool group - word to the wise - preschool can not play the exact same games as elementary you need to adapt it. I figured that out by day 3!

And last but not least - on my way home from VBS Friday I spotted a black bear at our local credit union. See the black dot walking towards the tree/dumpster that is the bear.


Tressa said...

That picture is crazy! Daylight at 10? WOW! I bet its hard to put kiddos to bed!

I wanna bet, that the black bear just needed to make a deposit at the credit union- no biggie!

You look great by the way! I love seeing photos of you and that sweetie!! Love her hair!!

Vik said...

sounds like little molly doesn't have any trouble she sleeping through the night?? i hope so!!