Sunday, June 7, 2009

FRG , Pamerperd Chef and Gun Camp

FRG = Family Readiness Group
That is the military term for all the spouses left behind during a deployment - my support group. They are divided into Battalions (groups of 200-500) our FRG is the 4-25th BSTB HHC BN. The military really likes to use lots of acronyms if you haven't figured that out yet. Our FRG does fundraisers to send things to our soldiers deployed (mainly the single soldiers since they don't have wives sending them care packages weekly) sometimes FRG's raise money to throw parties - I think using it for care packages is so much better. Besides raising money we also play softball against other FRG's. We are undefeated 3-0!! We really enjoy ourselves but winning sure is nice since I play on a church team that has only had one win and that was against a team where most members had at least grandchildren if not great-grandchildren - yep we are just that bad!

Will - he was really cheering for the other team since his dad is the Chaplain for the 509th but he was on the BSTB side getting dirt thrown on him by some of our boys. This is sometimes the best part of the games - seeing how much dirt you can walk away with.
The two youngest fundraisers for our FRG .
They had a free carnival today and we did a hamburger/hot dog stand to raise funds - it was pretty successful! I did leave the station for one quick ride on the flying apparatus - sadly Molly did not get to go on this - next year with Jon (or when she is 42inches)

Pampered Chef -
Saturday I went to an interactive pampered chef party - let's just say some of the things are not as easy to use as you would think but at least the mini spatula that I really was eyeing worked great so I got one.
After the pampered chef party I went with Tina to pick up her boys from Gun Camp - only in Alaska. They spent 9 hours at the shooting range for a free day camp shooting M-16, AR 14, powder loading, shotguns, pistols, etc - I don't think I got all the names right but there were a lot of guns and a lot of kids shooting them. It was the first time it made me nervous when Molly slept through things - it was a Mr. Holland's Opus flashback - I thought maybe Molly might be deaf because the automatic gun fire did not wake her up or the big BIG boom when they blew up something to end camp. My insides shook from the explosion but Molly slept through it. I have been testing her out and she does seem to have hearing - just a very hard sleeper.
Our pampered chef meal. Yummy!!
The sign behind Molly says - Alaska Machine Gun Association and yes small children are firing them.
Molly and I next to the arsenal of weapons. I guess I know what it is like for Jon now to be able to drown out constant gun fire. Maybe if we are here when Molly is old enough I will send her - who knows (but really lets hope we have moved on by then)!

Who could resist a picture of her in her mini-converse??


Stephanie said...

I'm sure Molly's just a deep sleeper...hmm....I wonder where she gets that from? Maybe you should just tell her she's got five minutes before class....:)

Mandy said...

Love the mini converse adn I just wanted to say I have a mini spatula and they are GREAT!

Kaitlin Roten said...

Are you really wearing a sweatshirt in June?