Friday, June 5, 2009

Riot Drill

There was a surprise riot drill on our base tonight. I am not sure if the "riot" was on our base our supposed to be outside our base but we could not leave. Tina and I drove to a few exits to be turned away at all of them and momentarily detained on the Air Force side so we couldn't even get back to our houses to wait it out. We were trying desperately to get off so we could meet our friend Ashley and her friend Katie from out of town for dessert - so we persisted it paid off a few minutes later the soldiers in full body armor moved the vehicles out of the way and let us pass. This is my first riot drill (and hopefully last) I guess I should feel safer not just amazed at the waste of time it seemed to be. I wish I had my camera so you could see what I saw - just imagine 10 soldiers standing around in full body armor, guns ready and big trucks with flashing lights blocking all gates - that was my night!

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Beth Pritchard said...

These drills have been happening once every week to two weeks. Good luck avoiding them!