Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too Much Helium

I have a few videos of what happens when you have helium balloons at a baby shower. While we were "cleaning up" we decided to get our full use out of the balloons. I have a few more videos but it is taking forever and since I am leaving in a few short hours to go to Denali I need to get to bed so enjoy. Pray for us as I am taking Molly camping and we are going to see Mt McKinley up close and personal!

My friend Dory came over and her sons found my clown wig so I tried it on Molly. She could care less about the silly wig but it sure made for some fun pictures!

If Molly could talk "Why does my mom have a clown wig and why does she think it is soo funny to put it on me. Oh well at least Grandma McP can see now that she doesn't want me to have red curly hair like she said earlier - red is definitely not my color (at least for hair)"
"If I look cute enough she will take this silly thing off right??"


Bert Burt said...

It sounds like there were some wild and crazy ladies doing the clean up from the baby shower. Molly will surely be asking questions in the future about exactly what went on at her house while dad was not there to protect her. She will obviously question why she ended up looking like Bozo the clown and her mother was smiling about it.
Glad to see you and your friends are enjoying life in Alaska. Best Wishes for a great camping trip.

Tressa said...

What a funny post! ;) And oh my goodness, she is ADORABLE. Ashley, you are looking so good!!

Vik said...