Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camping in Denali

Molly and I headed out last weekend with some friends to go camping in Denali. Our party consisted of Ashley, Judith, Valerie, her 2 year old son William, Molly and myself and two large fire arms. FYI - the average person in Alaska has 7 firearms - that means the McPherson's are 21 guns short to help out the average but never fear I hang out with ladies who more than make up where we are lacking. It is a 4 hour drive from our house to the National Forrest which by the way is 6 million acres (that is bigger than the state of Massachusetts) so it is actually easier to see Mt McKinley driving there than when you actually get to the park. We stopped at a great little town to get breakfast on the way and we stopped again on our drive back and got some great pictures of McKinley while hanging out on a beach in Alaska (I am waiting for pictures from friends on that though). We had an awesome time! We ate, hiked a mountain, ate, sat around the fire, ate and had great conversation. Here is weekend in review by pictures.

Eating in Talkeetna - William enjoyed the bread!!
Arriving at the National Park (group photo to come)
Our campsite - our first night of smores (we had enough for both nights!!)
Me committing many fashion faux paus - socks with sandals and high waters. I just didn't want to put my shoes back on after the 4.5 hour hike up and down a mountain (pictures to come). This weekend I wore Jon's sweatshirt so he could be part of us - a tree got the better of me and I ripped a hole in the sleeve - luckily I have a forgiving husband. After he got over being jealous that he didn't get to go and I ripped a hole in his high school track sweatshirt he wasn't too mad.
kabobs - YUMMY!

Smore's - YUMMY x 4Molly and I in our first tent sleeping together. The first night Molly was a little cold so she slept in her bear outfit, 2 onesies and a few blankets. Much better - no purple fingers and toes that night.
Chilling at our campsite

Our first night before I got smart and pulled out the bear outfit - really chilling at the campsite
We will try not to get this cold again but she does look cute doesn't she!

So happy to be in the warm for a little bit
The drive home - good thing she had the bear to distract her and keep her happy. She is getting more chatty there is cooing coming from her at all times. Now I just have to figure out when she is talking and when he is whining because they are so similar sometimes. We can't wait to take Jon next year when he can carry Molly up the mountain not me. Ok well really Ashley my friend and I switched half way up the mountain and I carried her light pack and she carried Molly up the mountain but next year Jon will do it!


Sarah said...

You didn't have to take the service road our? That's pretty sweet!

Looked like fun- better than Arkansas.... Glad your having fun.

N.Ward.Designs said...

She is SOOO cute... It looks like you have such great friends :)