Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mountain Momma

This weekend in Talkeetna (a small town 100 miles away) they had their annual Moose Dropping Festival. During this festival they drop 3,000 moose droppings (poop) from the sky. Each dropping has a number on it and it is like a raffle. The person with the dropping closest to the bulls eye gets a prize and some other prizes are awarded - I was not there for that part because I was winning the Slippery Salmon Olympics with Valerie at that point. With our Olympic victory under our belts we thought we would give it a shot a being the Mountain Momma! In this competition you have to: put on knee high waiters, strap a 10lb baby doll to your back then carry sacks across a log and rocks, chop a wood into quarters, use a bow and arrow, hammer a nail into a piece of wood, cast a fishing line, wash a diaper and then make a whip cream pie and ring the dinner bell. Valerie and I got there early to make sure we could compete - never fear it was not as popular to compete in as it was to watch so we made it in easy. Here is the pictures and I will give the commentary with them.

Right before I went - Molly and I happy and not too stinky.
Crossing the log with my groceries - not to bad hereWhere I lost the competition - my dad failed to prepare me to be a mountain momma. I can not chop wood to save my life -luckily if you were unable to quarter the wood within 3 minutes you got to move onto the next event. Out of the 11 participants only 3 were able so there are some other dads out there that also failed their daughters. Of the 8 that didn't get it quartered I came in second! Afterward we all decided real Alaskan women would make their husbands chop the wood and we would go shoot the meat so maybe next year they will let us shoot something instead.
Me shooting the bow and arrow - nice form I know - I never actually looked at the target. You just had to get 3 shots off, not hit anything so I didn't waste time aiming. I know that is hard to believe.

Casting my reel. It is a good thing I went salmon fishing the other week or I would not have know how to do this.

Hanging the diaper out to dry after "washing" it or just dunking it in water.
Ringing the dinner bell to call the family in to eat. A very healthy meal of cool whip and a cherry.
This is what Molly thought of the whole thing - she is a little sad that I was unable to win but glad I didn't cut my finger off chopping wood. Valerie, our friend, got a piece of her finger - nothing major but it sure does make a great story. Glad she gets the story and not me though.

What a great weekend and I don't have anything real adventurous for a few more days when I compete in the 3rd race in the combat challenge course where we run with a 35lb pack on our back and will be canoeing, racing and shooting paint guns!

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Mandy said...

I love all your adventures! I think Molly has had more adventures in her little life than I have all year :)!