Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July and promised Denali pictures

Molly and I celebrated our first 4th of July together. We went to a parade, had a picnic, did our own fireworks and didn't see any big fireworks (because there is no darkness here)
Molly had her first big blowout in public - oh boy! Through the diaper and all over the car seat. That was sure fun to clean up! We got her cleaned up in time to see the parade though.
Molly and I getting ready for the parade.
During the parade - look she enjoyed it so much she slept right through it. I guess the blow out took too much out of her.

A reindeer at our 4th of July parade.
Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Alaska and since it was so hot (75 degrees) after chapel our friend invited us out the lake for some food and swimming. Yep people went swimming in the late that just a few months ago I went ice fishing on. Molly and I did not go swimming but maybe later this summer we will.

Here is the proof of me salmon fishing - now I just need to get the picture of the fish that got away.
Here is a slide show of the highlights from Denali


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Tara said...

You rock! I love the one of you fishing with her in the front pack! That's awesome! And the giggling video cracked me up! There is nothing better than and laughing baby :)