Saturday, July 11, 2009

Slippery Salmon and roller coasters

This weekend it is the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River. There are a ton of fun things to do so of course Molly and I had to go check it out.
I decided to let Molly go on her first roller coaster since they are pretty lenient about the height restrictions at the carnivals around here. This is after the ride - she sure does love adventure!
Molly, Valerie and William. It cost $3 a person to ride so I had Molly ride with them.

And then of course was the Slippery Salmon Olympics. Valerie and entered as the Sockeye Sisters (a type of Salmon) just for fun. We beat 39 other teams and were 1st place. Salmon teeth are very sharp and we both came away with a few cuts but it was totally worth it. You had to open a coke put it in a cup and carry the cup and coke on a tray and the salmon in your hand through an obstacle course and then hand it off to your partner who did the course on the way back to the start/finish. It was a lot of fun and even better since we beat everyone and WON!!Pouring the coke while grabbing my salmon - watch out for those teeth!

Running through the course
Valerie on the way back - note - the salmon and coke in one hand and the cup on the tray.

Valerie and I with our trophy, medals and shirt! I still smell of fish so I am going to jump in the shower and get that nasty smell off.
What Molly thought of my Olympic victoryAnd last but not least - Molly in her bumbo! I just pulled it out this week and she is really loving it. She has started to play with toys and entertain herself.
Doctor update- Molly is in the 25% for height and weight and 75% for head circumference and it a healthy baby girl!

Roller Coaster disclaimer - SHE DID NOT RIDE - this was a posed picture after Valerie and William rode but I see coasters in her near future!!

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Tressa said...

She is gonna be a girl who loves adventure, just like her momma!
What a win with the salmon races! You two rock! LOL