Monday, April 25, 2011

All Growed Up!

We here at the McPherson household are growing up!! Molly celebrated her 3rd Easter while Riley enjoyed her 1st one. Jon and I did some landscaping in our backyard and we have a pool!!!
Many people inspired me to garden - my neighbor boy growing corn, friends who mentioned it on blogs and my sister-in-laws helpful advice made it so we were ready to plant 24 hours after the bug infected me!!

Molly showing what she got in her Easter basket - Dora stickers, Dora tattoos, bubbles and CANDY!
Sisters! Molly's dress was given to us and when my mom and I were out shopping we saw a similar one for Riley and had to get it.
Seriously the kid had 2 speeds - run or stop. Her knees are a testament to the fact that the stopping part is not always successful as she flings her self on the ground.
Riley just chilling - happy to be left alone for a few minutes.
Riley supervising the planting of our garden.
We have a 4x4 square foot garden with tomatoes, pole beans, cucumbers, carrots, okra, melons, strawberries and corn. Should be fun seeing the things grow and eating from our garden!
Don't be jealous:)
And last but not least our POOL! Not an in-ground awesome pool but I guess much cheaper since there are not chemicals. It kept Molly entertained while I grilled and next time we might not go as redneck and actually put in her a swimsuit not her clothes - but this was faster tonight.


ginger said...

The girls are darling all dressed up for Easter!

Mandy said...

such beauties like their Momma!