Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

This was our first ever big Easter egg hunt as a family! The FRG (family readiness group) from Jon's unit put this on for the families (but it was mandatory for soldiers to attend) so yesterday we bundled up in the windy weather and hunted eggs. Yes it was April 1 and Easter is not until the 24th this year but between trainings and long weekends this was the only week it worked so we celebrated early. There were 2 bounces, an Easter bunny, tons of food, bubbles, a puppet show and lots of kids running around. We had a blast and it was nice to get to meet some more families in the unit and the soldiers Jon works with.

Riley loving the hunt. This was a rare moment where she wasn't covered up b/c it was windy!! As you can see she loved it so much she slept through all but the last 10 minutes when we rushed her to the car so I could get home and feed her instead of freezing us both.
Molly - styling and profiling (as her BertBurt would say). This is where Molly sat during Jon's prayer also b/c I was off talking with ladies and showing Riley off and forgot Jon had official duties at the event. Good thing she knows to bow her head and be quiet during prayer or else that could have been a fun scene.
And the hunt it on. They had separate areas for different age groups.
She loves getting those eggs!
The Easter bunny who Jon said Molly tormented. She kept walking up to him and acting like she wanted to see him and then would run screaming! We both felt bad for the poor soldier who got assigned that duty for the day.
Molly loves the bounce houses now!
A puppet show which was more like a puppet infomerical for the Army. Where else does the puppet talk about getting ID cards, what ACS can do for you and the youth center on post?
Jon and Molly going down the big bounce slide. They went down over and over until Jon got tired and Molly still wasn't ready to stop but she had to.
Enjoying one piece of candy this morning as I emptied the eggs so she could play with them.

Puppet show Army style.

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