Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Balance beams and fun times

Jon got an unexpected 4 day weekend so we spent a lot of time hanging out as a family. Sunday we came up with a fun project for Jon and Molly - to make a balance beam. $1.97 and an hour later we have a red and white beam of fun for all. Molly has enjoyed playing on it and I am pretty sure the other kids will also love it once they come outside to play:) Molly got to help sand and measure but Jon did all the cutting and hammering himself.
Riley in her diva prison suit
Riley supervising the woodwork - she was moved from the bed of the truck to the shade beside the house to keep her cool.
Molly showing Jon how to measure and do the math behind the balance beam
She thought he had learned enough to give it a try himself
Testing the finished product - good job to the master craftsman and her apprentice
Riley and Molly's baby. I was trying to get a photo of just Riley but Molly felt this baby needed a picture to.
Eating her apple from New Deli - AMAZING!! If you visit us M-F 10-6 we will take you otherwise you are out of luck (as we tried to go twice until we figured out the hours)
Happy sisters
Seriously mom stop taking my picture and FEED ME!!!

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Bert Burt said...

Great pictures! Glad to see Molly is passing along her skills to Jon. Riley seems content to just supervise for now.