Sunday, April 17, 2011

Strong Bonds

The Military has a program called Strong Bonds where they give chaplains money to put on retreats to build up families and encourage single soldiers. Jon has had the privilege of running a few of these and I would tag along with Molly. While going with him was fun it was never a relaxing time of building up for us just making sure others refreshed and ministered to. This retreat was one just for the Unit Ministry Teams!!! It was awesome being there with other chaplains from the 82nd Airborne and their families and doing some AMAZING things!!
First the retreat was a Great Wolf Lodge which has a water park inside the hotel.
Second we played minute to win-it games as couples against others and Jon and I beat our competition!!
Third we had a session at an indoor race track and besides the crash I was involved in I was the second fastest lady (and I might have been faster than Jon even) on a one lap timed course.
Fourth Jon got some great material and was certified to use another set of material that should help him in counseling the many couples he meets with and will be a great resource for us.
Fifth we got some great family time.
Sixth we got to be around other families that are doing the same thing as us and we had some great times of learning from struggles and successes from them.
Seventh we got to be apart of a worship time we didn't have to do anything with (not even childcare)!

The McP's at Great Wolf Lodge
Dad I think we should go in there (this was before she knew there was a waterpark/candy/tons of kids to play with)!
Jon and Molly before the fun began!!
Jon with an oreo on his head that he shimmied down to his mouth to eat. We also knocked down cards, did a puzzle and launched marshmallows into each others mouth.
As the winners in minute to win-it we got a bottle of sparkling cider with two plastic wine glasses and a bag of chocolates. Here is Molly enjoying the sparking cider!
Notice Molly's mouth is wide open - this was right after she was changed into her bathing suit and saw the water park for the first time!!!
Jon, Molly and Riley - this was for a short picture. I took Riley from him right after this - we would all play in the water for a little bit and then Jon or I would take a break and sit with Riley. We also did tag team so we could go down the water slides - the Howling Tornado was AWESOME!!
Riley sporting her swimsuit
Doesn't she look like she loved being apart of the racing?
Jon and I dressed and ready to race!! Riley is just waiting for me to put her back in her stroller and leave her alone:)

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