Thursday, April 21, 2011

Formals and Fun Things!

Tonight we went to our first ever Brigade Ball (6 Battalions make up a Brigade) and it was not to bad. There was definitely some amazing people watching (really dress watching)! We had a family with a teenager girl watch both girls with the help of her mom and two younger sisters to entertain also. It was so nice to be able to go and know that Molly and Riley were being loved on and enjoying themselves. Jon and I loved the ball - between his love of small talk and my love of dressing up we were in our element:) I did have some good conversations with other ladies in our Brigade and sat next to a lady who is from Italy and met her husband when he was stationed there 11 years ago.
Finding a dress for the formal was not all that fun - I found one with my mom but the more I thought about it the less I liked the one I had bought so I took it back and found another one I liked a little more. So for my 3rd ball with Jon he finally got his wish - a dress without sparkles to get all over his uniform!
Note on balls - I guess society today doesn't understand a ball is a formal and you should try and look nice (maybe gasp classy??) and not show your entire body off to the world. I may not like dressing up but I would not go in overalls or a piece of lingerie which it seems some find acceptable. The good thing about being at a table with a lady from Italy, North Dakota and 4 of Jon's soldiers it makes you much less likely to talk about people but man I really wanted to make some comments. Another good thing - it wasn't anyone in Jon's Battalion that I had to make sure not to make a face when they walked by me:)

Fun things - a day at Fascinate U with the Morken family followed by a new lunch place and CUPCAKES!!
All the kids got sprinkles
Who taught that girl how to eat? It is like she is in a pie eating contest and not allowed to touch it with her hands.

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the sealey family said...

you look beautiful, ash!

and she is brilliant (you know, with that 2-year old sort of logic)! that way she only has to have her face cleaned when she is finished eating. her hands will already be clean! :)