Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jon is 30

Today Jon celebrated his 30th birthday!! Last night we had a movie night with popcorn and extended bed times for everyone. We watched Tangled which was really funny, Riley had a massive spit up during the middle of the movie so we had to pause it to give a bath and wash clothes and Molly fell asleep before the end but all in all it was a successful night.
Today we went and served with Operation Inasmuch (which is like clean up day at Welcome Week) picking up trash in a neighborhood and cleaning up as church groups and contractors re roofed houses. Serving with 2 kids has a different look than when we were in college but it was great to be able to do this as a family. Riley hung out in her stroller most of the time and Molly helped pick up the little (non glass or too gross) trash around. After serving we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some lunch followed by shopping for church then craft time and a nap for Jon and Riley. Molly and I played outside and then went to Sonic for happy hour and came back in time to make pizza for Jon to eat dinner on the SPECIAL DAY Plate!!! No cake but chocolate chocolate chip cookies, a happy birthday banner and his present - The Pacific collector's edition (with all his free time he will be able to watch that and his Band of Brothers all the time:) )

Too much to celebrate only one day - the night before party!
What cleaning up looks like with little kids.

Riley and Titus supervising
Molly helping her dad
Birthday crafts - Dora, Jon's favorite, peel and stick sand art
Dinner on the plate!

Happy Birthday Jon!!

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Bert Burt said...

What a great birthday celebration! Everybody got involved and shared in the fun. Hope the rest of the weekend is just as exciting. Best wishes for a great week at work.