Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Outreach

The other week I felt like God told me to do a neighborhood block party for Easter and once I realized we wouldn't be leaving town b/c of the ball and children's church I started planning. I found a bunch of games on the Internet and got 250 eggs and filled them with prizes and candy. The only problem is I am a wimp and didn't want to go door to door asking people to come so I taped a flyer on their doors and today Jon and I waited. After an hour the Morkens called so we told them to come on down and they did!! Neighbors started to trickle by and in total we had 4 adults come by and we got to know them a little and 3 kids came and played the games with us. Before the hunt we asked what they knew about Jesus and gave out some stickers. I would not say it was a total failure but looking back we have a few things we could have done different.
While we waited Jon and I played many of the games we planned to play with our new friends - it was not a good day for me as I lost in all but one - the egg drop. Molly loves Starburst and Riley napped through the entire time. Maybe our next one will have more people come out but at least we talked to a few more neighbors than we have in the past.
Riley doesn't fit in the basket like Molly did but she still got shoved in for the picture.
Can you see the joy on her face? I guess she thought it was still Maunday Thursday she didn't realize that tomorrow we celebrate Christ's Resurrection.
First time ever to make confetti eggs
The beautiful butterfly Molly
Still waiting - Molly thought it was torture to see the eggs and not get to eat the goodiesObviously not as good of a place to keep out of reach - this is how I found her after going in to check on Riley. Jon was thrilled that I had to get a photo before taking care of her - not!
The winning egg!
Jon's preparing his egg
The drop zone
My egg
The drop zone
We each had the same supplies - twigs, cotton balls and tape and my pink egg won, his blue egg fell apart which is why it is still in the nest
The hunt! Finally kids are here - 72 hot dogs, 40 brownies and 100 chocolate chip cookies a little overkill for 3 adults and 6 kids
Molly found 2 eggs then sat down and ate the candy and then the hunt was over.
Spencer collected them in his hat
Will only got ones with candy and left the others on the ground.

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Natalie Ward said...

Way to be Awesome!! Seriously!! Better over prepared than under prepared! And now... You can have hot dogs for the rest of the year.