Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aunt Kaitlin, picnic tables and other fun

Jon had Friday off so we decided to make a trip up to Raleigh and check out Marbles Children's museum - it was AWESOME!! Since Aunt Kaitlin lives right around the corner we invited her and Phoenix (Uncle Thomas had to go to school and work) and had a great time playing around and eating at The Remedy Diner (Steve-O was there also - not a big draw for us but random fact that a celebrity was there). The Diner serves vegan and vegetarian meals along with meat. I tried soy chicken - not too bad but I don't think it will be an everyday thing. Molly had a bite of Aunt Kaitlin's and lets just say I don't think she will be a vegetarian either - she did not spit it out but was not making a great face and didn't ask for more.
Saturday Jon made us a picnic table so we can dine in our backyard in style!!!
Sunday was the Dogwood festival and we got some fair food and played around.

On the ship - tried to do the Titanic pose but it wasn't happening with 3 girls and only 1 boy!

This is what Riley looks like now. In most pictures she is in the blue sling on my shoulder but I wanted photo evidence she does exist!!
Phoenix and Molly rolling in the water world at Marbles!

Special Delivery - a Molly topped Pizza.
Special Delivery - a Phoenix topped pizza
nachos - YUMMY!

The great parents we are - Molly ran down the driveway and landed on her head while we were debating the angles to cut the wood. We did stop and comfort her - things take a long time to build when you have a helper and they keep getting booboo's.
Here dad let me show you how to work that
Ice cream at the Dogwood Festival
The free bounces. We love Molly but why pay when they have these free? One day she will know the difference but until then...

Riley - is growing and is a very easy baby- just throw her in the sling and go!! We go to the doctor's Thursday to see what they think.

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