Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special day in our household as many of our family have served in the military. My dad's uncle Burton served and died fighting in WWII and both our father's served in the military for over 25 years and now Jon. Actually both my brothers and one of Jon's sister married someone whose father served in the military and Jon's sister Jenn is dating someone preparing to be deployed next month. And let's not forget my brother Brad and our many friends we grew up with or have met now as Jon serves.
This year we ending up staying home since Jon had funeral duty on Friday and we got to run children's church on Sunday. So to make the day special I got some fireworks and after an afternoon swim and cookout we had a firework show on a toddler schedule!

Thanks to all who have served and currently serve - we are thankful for all you do!!
Riley's swimming pool debut - Molly was so excited to have a friend in the pool with her.
The idea was a picture going down the slide together - big failure!
Riley letting us know she is not thankful to be in the pool or have her sister constantly invade her space. Molly is just happy to have someone to play with!
Much better - I like to watch Molly from a distance not in my face.
But in the end they ended up both enjoying pool time together.
We kept Riley at a safe distance for the firework show.
Going to see the loot*.
Here dad let me help you with that!
Boom Boom Boom - that is all Molly kept saying over and over even though not one firework exploded they just shot stuff into the air. She did love the show though!
And what holiday would be compete without dessert - ice cream with hot fudge sauce.

*Note - the order of the firework pictures might have been arranged to cause the grannies to panic but Molly never actually lite a firework and the posed picture with the lighter was post show:)

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Mandy said...

thought of your family today! so thankful for your service