Monday, May 9, 2011

Riley's Baby Dedication

This Sunday was baby dedication at our chapel. Riley and 6 other baby's were dedicated this week - 5 boys and 1 other girl named Riley. My parents were able to come down for the weekend and were here to be apart of the dedication service. It turned out it was a good thing to have Granny and BertBurt since Jon had to preach and I was in charge of children's church. After the dedication I ran out of the room to take care of my 30 elementary kids and Jon got up and preached.
Molly, Riley and I took my parents on a strawberry picking trip down the road - we had lots of strawberries this weekend! Granny made angel food cake with a strawberry topping and I made strawberry ice cream. Soon I will be making some jam. Jon did the finishing touches on his sermon and getting things ready for the dedication while we were picking.
Riley all ready to go to church
Each baby had a chaplain pray for them. Riley getting prayed over by Chaplain Long. The Long family watch her when Jon and I have children's church since you can't put babies in the nursery until they are 6 months here. We are so thankful to have a family willing to watch her - we hear sometimes they fight over who gets to hold her:)

The Fabulous Four!
Riley and BertBurt sporting the stripes.
Riley and Granny in deep conversation.
Strawberry ice cream made by yours truly - it reminded me of great times in Alaska with peanut butter ice cream. I think we will be having lots of ice cream this summer!
Molly teaching BertBurt the fine art of picking strawberries - at least 1/2 made it into the basket and the rest went down her shirt.
Molly watching the pro and learning a few tips
Helping fill the basket - Molly took one side of the row and Granny took the other.
We forgot to get photos before the service - could have been since Jon left to get rid of the duty phone since he was the on call chaplain this weekend and we both had responsibilities for church but either way at least we got a photo with Molly in her Sunday best.
Everyone's favorite spot - OUTSIDE!!
Riley's first time in her bumbo!
Taking a rest!
We had her 2 month visit and Riley is in the 90% in height, weight and head. She weighs 11 lb 8oz - I think Molly might be at 22 now:)
I will go with Jon's assessment that Molly will always be older but not necessarily bigger.

I bought some fresh beans to start learning how to prepare them from my garden - Molly and I really enjoyed them!


Natalie Ward said...

beautiful girls!!

the sealey family said...

Is Molly even on the charts? Aubree weighs 21 pounds and is the12th percentile and m is a year older!

I can't believe you have strawberries to pick already! Yum!