Sunday, May 15, 2011

Myrtle Beach

Jon had a single soldier retreat this weekend at Myrtle Beach so Molly, Riley and I hitched a ride and went along! We were able to stay in part of most sessions but not the entire time because Molly really wanted to be at the POOL and didn't mind shouting it every now and then. Friday night we got to listen to the MFLC talk about controlling your anger and then had a nice visit on the beach as a family. Molly screamed GO over and over - this made me a tad nervous since the main attraction was the beach and she seemed to hate it. Saturday we got up and listened to part of Jon's talk then went on a walk along the beach. That is when Molly decided she LOVES THE BEACH - fully clothed and me carrying Riley in the sling. She sat in the water, splashed, picked up seashells and then needed to be carried all wet and sandy back to the hotel. One good thing Carrie joined us for our walk. Her husband was also doing a single soldier retreat 4 hotels down from us - which we figured out at the grocery store when we ran into each other Thursday. On our beach walk she helped carry Molly until we had to go to our hotel and she to hers since both our husbands were done teaching and wanted some family time. This is also when I realized my swim suit didn't make it in the luggage. After some lunch and getting 1/2 the family dressed for the beach we headed out to Target to get me suit and then lighting filled the sky right before the bottom dropped out. We passed a place called Wonder Works (which my cousins said was awesome) and decided to go there since the beach was clearly out of the picture. 3 hours later the weather had cleared and we had done some fun things at WW we made it to Target and I got my suit and we went swimming at the ocean and pool. Molly crashed for the night but I think her first word when waking up was POOL. We packed our bags, had breakfast with Jon and headed to the pool. We played for the 2 hours Jon finished up his sessions, got things cleaned and talked with his soldiers. Jon met us and took Riley off my hands so that I could focus fully on Molly for a little while and then we got dressed and headed home. Once home Molly and I went grocery shopping while Jon crashed!
Family photo at the beach (Riley is the blue blob)

Riley and me - this is where Riley spent most of the weekend b/c strollers and sand DO NOT MIX!
Jon and Molly playing chase at the beach
The sea monsters outside of Wonder Works - seriously these fish were a little freaky. I think I could put my fist in their mouth and one tried to eat a duck to get the food.
Molly and I doing a game where you are in the game. I was 3rd highest scorer of the day, Molly was 5th and well Jon didn't even make the top ten. He did some other great things - also he was the first one to do it so we learned from his mistakes.

Alien stomp - this is right after we realized that swimmy diapers and no pool don't mix. They really don't retain much water (or pee). Molly was put in a real diaper and her swim suit taken off. Remember we planned on stopping by Target for me to get a suit and go straight to the ocean which is also why we are in swim cover wear.
When you moved it would make a cool picture on the screen.
Bubbles - we put it over ourselves and Molly would pop it.
Jon and Molly in the Wonder Wall - do you see where they are in the red?
Riley really enjoyed every thing this weekend - so much that she slept through it!
This is what Jon and Riley looked like on my way out the door - I took Molly to make sure they have a few minutes of peace.

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